How to find the ‘hook’ in a news story

What sets a journalist apart from others is their ability to spot a newsworthy story.

It is often buried in an otherwise mundane press release or it might be dropped into conversation over a drink at the pub.

But good journalists will spot this ‘hook’ straight away.

It’s the secret ingredient which drives news and gets readers, listeners or viewers engaged and interested.

The ability to spot a hook in news is why journalists are now in such big demand in the public relations industry.

Communications teams have to create so much content, on websites and social media, as well as the traditional press release, that it is absolutely essential that they now possess good writing skills.

While writing my new book – How To Become A Journalist – I decided to focus in on how to find the ‘hook’ in a news story right at the start.

A new book titled How To Become A Journalist

I look at the issue in detail in chapter two and reveal exactly how you go about locating this essential piece of DNA which runs through good stories like the words on a piece of Blackpool rock.

Some pick it up immediately – they have a kind of innate news sense – but many discover the knack only with experience of doing the job.

Spotting a news story is crucial for a journalist and this is why I have focused in on it in my book.

For more details on the book and a sneak preview of the opening chapters, click HERE.




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