The secrets of a great press interview

I’ve always maintained that you can tell how good a journalist is by the questions they ask when they’re interviewing someone.

By asking the right things in an authoritative and respectful manner you will always get to the heart of a story and elicit dynamic quotes which make your piece interesting to the audience.

I look closely at the subject of interviewing in my new book – How To Become A Journalist.


press interview

Chapter two includes my 19 top tips for carrying out a great interview, whether you are working for a newspaper or a broadcaster.

The advice I give covers everything you need to know from preparing for the assignment, the way you should act when you are talking to your source, the questions you need to ask and what to do when you are coming to the end of the interview.

Spotting the ‘hook’ in a news story – what actually makes something newsworthy – is a crucial skill for journalists but you also need to be well schooled in the art of interviewing to ensure you can bring that story out.

For more details about the book, which is available on Amazon UK as a paperback or an eBook, click HERE



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