How to source news

How do you actually get news?

That is probably the question I am asked most by people I meet who aren’t journalists.

It was a task which was a lot more difficult when I started out as a trainee reporter more than 20 years ago.

There was no internet back then, no social media and people still corresponded with each other by letter.


Today’s multi-media journalists have news tip-offs coming at them from all directions – by email, through Twitter alerts on their mobile phone and via the multitude of digital television and radio channels.

The trick is to make sense of it all and to assess what is new about the news coming at them and also who is a trustworthy source and who isn’t.

A new book titled How To Become A Journalist

There are many ways today’s journalists get hold of news and I’ve looked closely at them in Chapter 4 of my new book – How To Become A Journalist.

I’ve come up with 19 potential sources of news and explained exactly why they are useful.

With news outlets constantly updating their websites it is crucial that reporters stay ahead of the game and are aware of stories breaking in their patch or those relevant to the industry or topic they write about.

My list is probably not a definitive one so if you do get hold of a copy of my book, which is available HERE as a paperback or eBOOK, please do let me know any additional ones you can come up with.



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