How journalists use social media

A survey has just come out which reveals that 60 per cent of Facebook and Twitter users access their news from social media rather than traditional sources such as newspapers, television or radio.

But what is also clear is that most of this news which is posted on social media channels comes from journalists.

It is links to online local newspaper stories, videos from television news programmes and web stories from news outlets.

social media for journalists

Clearly, journalists need to have a presence on social media, including tweeting links to their stories, posting updates to breaking news on Facebook and putting press photographs up on Instagram.

Social media provides a potentially huge extra audience for journalists and the work they produce.

Having a Twitter account also gives reporters and editors the opportunity to get feedback on their stories, access material for follow-ups and even source additional quotes from others involved in a breaking news item.

I devote a whole chapter to how journalists use social media in my new book, How To Become A Journalist.

A new book titled How To Become A Journalist

I list the six most useful social media channels for journalists and explain why they are so important.

The section also gives five top tips on how journalists can use social media effectively and there is also an explanation of how news outlets use the likes of Facebook and Twitter successfully.

For more information about the book, which is available as a paperback or eBook, go to its Amazon page right HERE.

Any aspiring or trainee journalists who need advice on how to use social media as a reporter or editor can email me at


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