How to get a job as a journalist

I’ve been in contact with dozens of aspiring journalists since writing my career guide to  careers in journalism.

And many have been students who have tried to get trainee positions or internships with newspapers or broadcasters.

Young female journalist

Some of them have been turned down because they didn’t have any experience of working alongside trained journalists.

My advice to all of them was to do just two things:

1 Write to local newspapers or radio/television stations and ask for at least two weeks’ work experience with them.

2 Start sending reports, articles and features to local newspapers and keep a press clippings portfolio containing your published work.

Now, that all might sound a bit daunting. But it is the best way to show commitment to your chosen career and it will fill you with confidence that you can do the job.

Media outlets are more likely to consider taking you on for work experience or as a trainee or intern if you do the following in preparation for the two above points:

  • Write to the editor or news editor personally after finding out their name
  • Research thoroughly the media outlet you are applying to and see what stories they cover
  • Take an interest in current affairs and topical news stories, both local and national

If you follow these basic points you have an excellent chance of getting that all important first break in journalism.

Chapters 9 and 10 in my new book – How To Become A Journalist  – discuss these issues in much more depth.A new book titled How To Become A Journalist

The book is available as a paperback or a Kindle eBook on the Amazon website.

Finally, if any budding journalists would like any further advice on getting work experience or a place on an internship programme please get in touch by email on




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