woman reading a bookThe easiest part about writing a book is the writing and publishing part.

The hard work starts when you want to entice people to actually read it.

I speak from first hand experience, having recently published a non-fiction book three years after releasing my first novel.

There is so much choice for readers since Amazon changed the industry by enabling first-time authors to get their work out there for virtually no expense in the form of an eBook.

Plenty of new authors have waited patiently for sales to accrue only to be disappointed because, in most cases, few people are aware of the book.

The trick is to build awareness for your title, whether it is a blockbuster novel, a travel or career guide or an autobiography.

It does take time but there are plenty of avenues to explore which will cost you absolutely nothing.

I have worked as a freelance public relations consultant for five years and have been a journalist for more than 20.

I am now using the skills I have picked up in that time to promote the work of new authors to raise their profile so potential readers are aware of their new book.

Coverage in newspapers and magazines remains incredibly powerful for selling any product and books are no exception.

There is also the added bonus that an article will appear in print and also be posted on a news organisation’s website for a wider audience to pick up.

I have the industry contacts and the ability to write news stories and features which will secure coverage for an author and their book.

woman reading on a train

Social media is also very important in building the profile of an author and his or her work.

I have worked for many clients over recent years creating, developing and managing their social media accounts on channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging and You Tube.

And I am now doing this for debut authors, either starting their social media presence from scratch or overhauling the channels they currently engage on.

I offer a PR starter pack for just £249 for first time authors, where I provide the following services over an eight-week period:

  • Write two press releases or features to promote a new or recently-published book and provide ideas for at least another five articles

  • Pitch both press releases to relevant newspapers or magazines to ensure the best chance of publication

  • Review an author’s existing social media profiles and manage them for eight weeks to maximise engagement with potential readers OR launch new social media channels from scratch and develop and manage them for eight weeks

  • Provide a full social media report to advise an author on how to get the best out of whichever social media channels they use at the end of the eight-week campaign

I would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in these services who has just written and published a book or is about to do so.

Please do get in touch via email on nrennie157@gmail.com or by mobile on 07800 606193.