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Nick Rennie - PR consultant

As a PR and communications consultant there are certain questions I’m always asked by small and medium-sized business owners (SMEs):

1) How do I use social media to help my business?

2) What is the best way to get editorial coverage in my local newspaper?

3) How can I raise the profile of my business with a small budget for PR?

The answers I always give are:

1) I specialise in developing and managing social media channels for a wide range of clients. I can start you off and then either manage platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or You Tube for you or show you how you can manage them yourself.

2) I have been a journalist for more than 20 years and have extensive contacts in the industry. I know the content and the format newspapers and magazines are looking for and I can secure free coverage for you instead of the much more expensive option of buying advertising space.

3) The rates I charge for my services will fit in with what ever budget you have available. I will give you a free initial consultation and draw up a PR strategy for you. It is then up to you whether you employ my services.

If this information strikes a chord with you and your business then please get in touch. I have helped a number of clients in widely different industries and I would be delighted to help you too.




PR consultant Nick Rennie

I am a PR consultant and freelance journalist.

After working in newspapers for more than 20 years, I attained a Masters degree in Public Relations.

I work with small and medium sized businesses to raise their profile using press coverage & developing their social media.

As a first step I offer a FREE consultation where I talk to you to assess where I can help make your business and its products and services much more visible to potential customers.

I don’t charge the huge fees some PR agencies will quote you but I do get results within a budget you can afford.

I also offer advice to anyone interested in a career in journalism.

My new book, How To Become A Journalist, is available to buy as a paperback or eBook HERE

For more information on the book please click on on the ‘journalism’ page above.

A new book titled How To Become A Journalist


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What Our Customers Think

Andreas Priestland

“I found Nick easy to work with and a crucial resource when it came to harnessing social media. The team that I was part of was looking to establish a wider presence using a media that we knew of but had no experience with. The beauty of working with Nick was that he took care of all the setting up of the necessary processes, and then made it easy for us to provide  and publish the content in the appropriate fashion. Unknown to me at the start he had also set himself some challenging targets, which he then proceeded to hit!”

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