social media


When it comes to using social media to boost the profile of a business or organisation there are generally three different types of response:

1) Those who believe it is important but don’t know how to use it

2) Those who dismiss it and don’t believe it has any use in the workplace

3) Those who understand it and are harnessing the power of social media in their business

Now, if you fall into the first category I can certainly help and if you are in the second category then I will convince you to have a re-think.

The beauty of social media is that it’s totally free – it provides a method for you to publish news about a new product or service on a channel which can be accessed by hordes of potential customers.

Latest figures show 7 out of 10 people in the UK now own an internet-connected smartphone. Most of them will use apps for their social media accounts – 24 million people log on to Facebook every day and nearly 14 million go on Twitter.

The nature of your business will indicate which social media platform is best for you. I will assess this for you during your free consultation and explain the potential it can have for you and your products or services.

Here are some of the channels I have extensive experience of developing and managing for clients:

 Twitter   Twitter icon

I will set your account up if you don’t have one, get you started with regular relevant Tweets, build your following and give you a plan to carry the account forward unless you prefer me to manage it for you.

Facebook   Facebook logo

The aim here is to set up an account for your business or organisation which is totally separate from your own personal one. Again I will set it up, build a following and give you a road map for using it effectively going forward.

You Tube   You Tube logo

I have a High Definition video camera and can shoot short promotional films to promote what you do. We can create a You Tube channel specifically for your organisation and build up a collection of videos which can be shared across different forms of social media.

Linkedin   Linkedin logo

This is a professional orientated platform. It works like a digital business card and allows you to connect with other relevant people you work with or who would like to work with. I can build your profile to give you the best visibility to network with others interested in your industry.

Instagram   Instagram logo

This is a photograph-driven platform, ideal if your business involves dealing with people as opposed to products. It’s a great showcase for what you do and can give potential customers and colleagues a real insight into your organisation.

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